lördag 2 maj 2015

Updates to FakeMaker - helping you with test driven EPiServer development

I have updated the FakeMaker Nuget package with some new features that hopefully will make your days as a test driven EPiServer developer a little bit smoother.

Never heard of FakeMaker? Here's some info.

The updated Nuget package contains new convenience methods when creating fake pages in your unit tests (added the methods WithChildren, WithLanguageBranch, WithProperty and WithContentTypeId). This was developed by Kristian Gimring and I merged it to the source code at GitHub quite a while ago. However, I haven't updated in the Nuget package until now. The current version is 1.0.4.

Recently, I also recieved feedback and suggestions from rbaarda and have added the possibility to set a fake page as the actual StartPage, by using the new method AsStartPage (that will set the EPiServer built in property ContentReference.StartPage).

The dependencies to EPiServer was also outdated, and the latest version of the Nuget package have those and also the Moq library updated. If your current project is not using the (as for now) latest version of EPiServer, I would suggest you to grab the source code instead (two files only: FakeMaker and FakePage), add it to your test project and compile, instead of using the Nuget package version.

I want to thank Kristian Gimring and rbaarda for the contributions. I really appreciate it and am happy to see that the tool is used! 

What features are missing? Let me know! Please contact me by writing a comment in this post, at twitter, as a GitHub pull request or just add an issue to the GitHub project.

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