Friday, September 19, 2014

nordic.js reflections

nordic.js - like a two day Spa experience. Starting at the registration line, with fellow JavaScript geeks, on a foggy morning in Stockholm. The boat took us to the lovely place of Artipelag, welcoming all of us with soap bubbles. Lots of soap bubbles. Now that's how to start a conference! Good job, nordic.js folks. By lunch I actually had time to stroll by the board walk and the woods (yeah, trees & sh*t).

Suddenly, from nowhere, I heard weird sounds. Was someone singing? Was there a bird or something? A gnome? I don't know, but it inspired me to record a smart phone arty short film. No, I wont quit my day job. Promise.

What about the talks? Well... Douglas Crockford was there. That was worth every swedish kronor.

I wanted to call out: "- I Love You, Douglas Crockford!!!!!", but I'm swedish, so I laugh by exhaling air from my nose really fast.

There are some talks left today, but I want to thank the team of really creative people that arranged the nordic.js conference. You paid attention to details and the big picture, making this a nice experience. Next time I hope there will be more of live coding, passion and less code-on-powerpoint on stage. After all, we're all geeks that love code!