måndag 30 december 2013

FakeMaker - helping you with test driven EPiServer development

Test driven development and EPiServer?
Relax. Test driving the CMS actually got a whole lot easier with version 7. Most of the built in features are implementing interfaces and you can use asp.net mvc. Those ones are two really good friends of test driven development. However, creating that fake content and set up mocked repositories isn't really as smooth as it should (could) be, right?
When mocking code is all you see on your screen, this little library called FakeMaker may help you. Okay, a bigger screen also would, but is probably more expensive. With FakeMaker, you have two classes: FakeMaker and FakePage. The FakeMaker class takes care of the mocking and FakePage helps you create content.
Here's some examples.

Create an instance of FakeMaker:
var fake = new FakeMaker();

Create the pages you need:
var page = FakePage.Create("MyPageName");

or a page of a specific page type:

Add it to the mocked repository:

You can now pass the fake repository to your code (also known as Dependency Injection) from the ContentRepository property or use the built in EPiServer ServiceLocator feature.

Please let me know what you think about it.

Check out the documentation, the examples and the source code:

You will also find FakeMaker at NuGet:

2 kommentarer:

Ashkan sa...

Hi David,
Thanks a lot for the good library. I struggling a lot to fake the EpiServer stuff and I think your library will help me a lot! Well a lot more than my big screen :D ;)

I just wanted to thank you


David Vujic sa...

Thank you, Ashkan!