fredag 22 augusti 2014

Reflections from HybridConf 2014

Reflections from HybridConf 2014 at the Rigoletto in Stockholm.

I guess this is how it feels like attending a TED Talk. I think the two of them could share the same subtitle: Ideas worth spreading.

A conference filled with people doing stuff within the areas of Design, Development, Entrepreneurship and even at NASA (yes, the space people) - that's a great place to hang out. This afternoon Scott Hanselman entered the stage for the second time, and explained why we stressed out folks really need a CC folder in Outlook. Hampton Catlin, the guy that created SASS, revealed his new exiting project: - Open Source yourself. Will it accept pull requests? Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic talked about why going independent is great ... or maybe not. Well, it depends.

But what about the Aliens? It turns out they probably live in Europa - circulating around Jupiter. Tom Soderstrom from the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory talked about europeans, space and 3D printing on Mars.

I think that was around the time my head exploded.

Side note
During the first coffee break I was like:
"- Wait a minute, bananas? No candy bars or cookies?".

Next day I heard Jonny Strömberg talk about healthy style Hackathons and really liked the idea (especially these days, when I try to be the healthy programmer).

Then there was the final HybridConf coffee break, and I was like:
"- Oh, no. They serve cake and cinnamon buns!"

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