fredag 8 juni 2012

Code Food

Recently I got the chance to develop some really nice html5 features, learn new concepts and write code according to those strict JavaScript Douglas Crockford practices that I am a huge fan of. I want to share this knowledge, but how and when?

Most projects I've been a part of during my career has been sort of a silo development environment: experts doing this, other experts doing that. And when they finally meet it’s called “the Integration phase”. Sounds familiar?

I think silo expertise is bad, really bad, because nobody in the project will get the big picture.  When panic hits the project plan (it always does), developer X probably will need hours to figure out what developer Y has written. Start counting the number of WTF’s per minute! Who's paying for that? How can we break this Team Anti Pattern?

Here's a simple idea: have some lunch. Eat, drink and talk with your team - at least once a week. One of you will have something to share, maybe new insights in html5 development or a Visual Studio add in that makes our coding days brighter. It’s not a presentation, it’s just you talking about what you have learned the last couple of days while working in the project. The Project budget can probably afford to pay for the lunch session. If not, go get some pasta salad for your friends, bring your laptop, speak about something during 25 minutes and expect to be served lunch by one of your team members next week. Feeling hungry?

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