Thursday, January 25, 2024

Simple & Developer-friendly Python Monorepos

🎉 Announcing new features 🎉

Polylith is about keeping Monorepos Simple & Developer-friendly. Today, the Python tools for the Polylith Architecture has support for Poetry, Hatch and PDM - three popular Packaging & Dependency Management tools in the Python community.

In addition to the already existing Poetry plugin that adds tooling support for Polylith, there is also a brand new command line tool available. The CLI has support for both Hatch and PDM. You can also use it for Poetry setups (but the recommended way is to use the dedicated Poetry plugin as before).

To summarize: it is now possible to use the Simple & Developer-friendly Monorepo Architecture of Polylith with many different kinds of Python projects out there.

"Hatch is a modern, extensible Python project manager."
From the Hatch website

🐍 Hatch

To make the tooling fully support Hatch, there is a Hatch build hook plugin to use - hatch-polylith-bricks - that will make Hatch aware of a Polylith Workspace. Hatch has a nice and well thought-through Plugin system. Just add the hook to the build configuration. Nice and simple! The Polylith tool will add the config for you when creating new projects:

requires = ["hatchling", "hatch-polylith-bricks"]
build-backend = ""
"PDM, as described, is a modern Python package and dependency manager supporting the latest PEP standards. But it is more than a package manager. It boosts your development workflow in various aspects."
From the PDM website


Just as with Hatch, there are build hooks available to make PDM aware of the Polylith Workspace. Writing hooks for PDM was really simple and I really like the way it is developed. Great job, PDM developers! There is a workspace build hook - pdm-polylith-workspace - and a projects build hook - pdm-polylith-bricks - to make PDM and the Polylith tooling work well together.

This is added to the workspace build-system section pyproject.toml:

requires = ["pdm-backend", "pdm-polylith-workspace"]
build-backend = "pdm.backend"

And the plugin for projects.
This will be added by the poly create project command for you.

requires = ["pdm-backend", "pdm-polylith-bricks”]
build-backend = "pdm.backend"
"Python packaging and dependency management made easy."
From the Poetry website

🐍 Poetry

For Poetry, just as before, add or update these two plugins and you're ready to go!

poetry self add poetry-multiproject-plugin
poetry self add poetry-polylith-plugin

📚 Docs, examples and videos

Have a look at the the Polylith documentation for more information about getting started. You will also find examples, articles and videos there for a quick start. I'm really excited about the new capabilities of the tooling and hope it will be useful for Teams in the Python Community!

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